If it’s been a little too long since your last tune-up, chances are your car isn’t performing at its best. Not only that, but small problems might be brewing under the hood that can later lead to detrimental damage. To restore your ride to top-notch performance and keep it running strong for as long as possible, start tuning it up at a trusted auto shop regularly.

If you are experiencing delays or difficulties, sense something is off, or notice declining efficiency in the following areas, put a stop to the procrastination and take your vehicle in for a tune-up before continuing cruising.

Delays and Difficulties:


Having a hard time starting your engine? This is a sign of a problem, so be proactive and head in for a tune-up to catch it early. Your spark plugs might be misfiring, preventing your engine from turning over.


If your car is shaking when it stops and doesn’t start moving until a second after you push on the pedal, parts such as air filters, fuel injectors, or possibly spark plugs, may need to be cleaned or replaced. During a tune-up, a professional will do just that.

Declining Efficiency:

Gas Mileage

If you progressively find yourself paying for fuel at the pump more often, it’s time for a technician to take a look. During a tune-up, he will check on your oxygen sensors and various filters, changing out faulty components, and restoring your efficiency.

Brake Function

If your brakes are not as responsive as they once were, bring your vehicle into the shop as soon as possible. Should a situation present itself where you need to stop abruptly, reduced braking capacity will significantly impact your safety.

Something Is Off:


If your vehicle veers to one direction when you loosen your grip on the steering wheel, your alignment needs attention. During a tune-up, an auto expert will fix your alignment so you can get back in action, improving your handling and maximizing your mileage.


If you hear unusual sounds coming from your car, one of your car’s many moving parts may be loose or low on fluid, jeopardizing the overall function of your vehicle. A quick stop in the shop for a tune-up can stop the issue from causing damage to other components.

Noticing these signs means it’s not only time for a tune-up, but past-time. Preemptive maintenance is important for maintaining your vehicle, so taking it in for regular tune-ups is significantly better for your performance than waiting for these signals. If you live near Orem, Utah, Master Muffler is your premier choice for not only tune-ups but nearly all components of your auto care.