Busted speedometer in a car

How to Spot a Faulty Speedometer

How often do you look down at your speedometer to find yourself accidentally speeding? We often take our speedometer for granted, but stop and think about how difficult it would be to drive around without one! Driving without a working speedometer is risky and dangerous, which is why it is important to know that you can trust the one in your dashboard. Here are some ways that you can spot a faulty speedometer in your car...

Shaky Needle

Your speedometer is dependent on information that is sent to it from sensors throughout the rest of the vehicle. As such, it should move up and down very smoothly, as you adjust your speed, or stay in the exact same place if you have the cruise control on. If neither of these things is happening, and it continues to erratically fluctuate between different speeds, then something is clearly wrong.

Squeaking Dashboard Noises

As a general rule of thumb, any noises your vehicle makes that it doesn’t normally make are a bad sign. If you hear any type of squeaking or squealing coming from your dashboard, it means that something is loose or operating incorrectly. In terms of your speedometer, this typically means that your speedometer cable is damaged and sending the incorrect data to your speedometer, which could be recording any random speed.

Speedometer Doesn’t Move

The most obviously sign that your speedometer is faulty is that it doesn’t move or do anything at all! When this happens, it’s likely an electronic issue, and should be taken to a mechanic, right away! Having a faulty speedometer can be a huge safety hazard and increase your likelihood of receiving a traffic infraction.

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10 May, 2018

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