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Common Car Detailing Mistakes

Here is a look at the most common mistakes that car owners make when cleaning and detailing their cars themselves...


Washing on a hot, sunny day

  Washing your car on a hot, sunny day might be doable, but it definitely doesn’t make an easy job of things. When you wash your car in hot, sunny weather, the heat and sun will cause your soapy mixture to dry up and evaporate from your car before you’re finished working with it. This can leave soap and grime resting on your car’s paint finish, making for a not-so-professional look. Aim to wash your car on an overcast day—or at dawn or dusk if the weather isn’t cooperating with you.


Using dish or laundry soap


Some car owners use dish soap or laundry detergent to create the soapy mixture they scrub their cars with. These soaps, however, have too many potentially harmful chemicals in them and can be harsh on a car’s paint finish. Opt for a specialized soap for washing cars instead.


Using the same soap on all parts of the car


While on the subject of soap, you should also know that it’s best not to use the same soap on all parts of your car. Standard car washing soap, for example, is best used on the painted parts of your car, while a specialized wheel and tire cleaner is best for removing the special types of dirt and grime that accumulate there. A finishing product, meanwhile, will give your car that professional finish you’ve been wanting.


Using an ammonia-based window cleaner


Ammonia based window cleaners can be especially harmful to a car’s paint finish—and to other parts of the car such as your dashboard and upholstery. Car windows are better cleaned with an ammonia-free window solution, and simply water and a microfiber cloth could be even better.


Using the wrong cloths


Cotton towels can actually scratch your car’s finish, so make it a point to use microfiber cloths or mitts. These are more gentle, won’t leave lint, and won’t collect dirt. Be sure to use different cloths as you switch between cleaning products. Bonus tip: when washing your cloth, be sure not to use fabric softener, as this could contain harsh chemicals that might damage your car’s paint finish.


Pouring waxes directly onto the car


You shouldn’t pour liquid waxes and polishes directly onto your car because doing so can leave uneven streaks on your finish. Always pour these products onto your applicator first.



10 Sep, 2018

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