4 Spring Car Care Tips

Now that it’s March, winter is finally starting to be a season of the past. We’ve had a few warmer days in the last few weeks here in Utah. With the weather changing for the warmer, it’s time to give a little TLC to your car that has kept you safe during the rough winter weather. Here are a few spring car care tips to keep your car in good condition.

Check your tire pressure

The constantly changing temperature isn’t good for your tires, so don’t be surprised if you occasionally see a “low tire pressure” warning when the weather drops or rises suddenly. This is a supernormal occurrence, but anytime you get one of these warnings, you should check the pressure and add or release any air that is needed. Even if you haven’t gotten a tire pressure warning on your dash, now is a good time to check it anyway. It’s a super quick check and will keep your tires healthy and functional for longer.

Inspect your wiper blades

Winter is rough on your windshield wipers, with them constantly being in use to wipe away heavy snowfall and grime. They may need replaced, after a season of such heavy use, so make sure there aren’t any issues from ice buildup, and make sure they’re replaced before our spring showers.

Check the alignment

Another common problem from winter road conditions, is that your tire alignment might be off. This is usually pretty easy to check yourself. If your car tends to pull one way or the other as you’re driving, even if it’s slight, it’s time to get your tires aligned. While you’re getting them aligned, you should probably have them rotated as well, to ensure they wear evenly.

It’s time for a wash

Even though you may mentally associate snow as being clean, it doesn’t really stay clean for very long. Once it hits the ground, it mixes in with dirt, turning it into a greyish sludge that has probably left a thick film of grime on the surface of your car. It’s hard to justify regular car washes during the winter because of the constant snowfall. Now that the snow is becoming less regular, treat your car to a good wash and wax.



04 Mar, 2019

Preventative Maintenance


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