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Is Your A/C Ready for the Summer Heat

With spring well underway, it’s time to start preparing your car for summer. As the temperatures steadily rise, have you thought about whether or not your A/C is ready for the summer heat? At Master Muffler Orem, we want you to be prepared for driving in Utah’s scorching summer temperatures. We know there’s almost nothing worse than getting into a hot car and not having air conditioning. So, before that happens to you, what can you do to check that your car’s A/C is working properly?

Get Your Car’s A/C Ready

There are a few things you can probably do on your own to check if your A/C is working properly. If you’re unsure of anything, we’re here and ready to help. While we think even a novice can do some of the legwork to detect potential problems, it’s probably best to leave repair work to your trusted Orem mechanic.

Check for Noise

Some routine A/C maintenance on your car simply involves checking for strange noises. If you turn on your car’s A/C and hear anything out of the norm, you could have a probably. A properly functioning A/C should just hum contentedly as it offers a refreshing blast of air.

Check for Odd Smells

Is there anything more dreadful than noticing an odd smell in your car? It’s never the sign of something good, whether it’s an issue with your engine or the result of forgotten food or drink. What should you do if you turn on your A/C and there’s a weird smell? Bring it into the Orem Master Muffler shop for diagnostics. 

Take it for a Test Drive

If things check out upon initially turning on the A/C for the first time, take your car for a test drive. Warm things up with a 20 to 30-minute drive while the A/C is running. Keep your eye on the engine temperature to check that the A/C system isn’t overheating your car when driving around. 

Things That Could be Affecting a Car’s A/C

There are a few other things to check for when inspecting your car’s A/C. A good mechanic knows to check A/C refrigerant levels and color, ensuring there is a sufficient amount and that it isn’t contaminated with water. Additionally, some newer cars require a precise ratio of refrigerant to oil in the air conditioning compressor, which is best left to a professional. 

You’ll also want to ensure you don’t have a coolant leak, which can lead to overheating and a poorly functioning A/C system in your car. At Master Muffler, we can inspect your condenser for damages, as that can also result in loss of A/C. If all this seems like more work than you’d like to undertake, stop by Master Muffler Orem so we can ensure your car’s A/C is in tip-top shape before summer.



09 May, 2020

Auto Repair,  Preventative Maintenance


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