Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it?” The concept is simple but powerful. When asked to describe the taste of salt, you might use words like bitter or acidic or sharp, and all of those would be right and they would also be wrong. Other things have the opposite problem: everyone agrees on what something is but might disagree on what best lives up to that definition. 

Take the car repair mechanic, for instance. An auto mechanic is, by the strictest definition, a person with potent knowledge of the workings of either a wide range of vehicles or of a certain vehicle in particular, that uses tools to maintain its operation. By that measure, anyone with a tool belt and a working understanding of cars qualifies as a mechanic.

But would you take your car to just anyone?

Finding a Worthy Technician

Regardless of the many ways in which a person might describe a great mechanic, let’s set down in black and white the highest standard that they should meet. Hopefully, this will help you identify one worth keeping once you find them. For the record, each of our Orem car repair professionals is held to the same standards that you’ll find here.

Wide-Ranging Knowledge

Are you driving a brand-new German luxury car? A suped-up classic? How about a lemon? It shouldn’t matter to your mechanic, who can make every car run like new. Diesel, gasoline, hybrid, electric…whatever propels your car, Master Muffler can fix it and maintain it, and that’s what you should expect from whomever you hand the keys to.

Respect For Your Time

A recent study found that over 40% of drivers choose to ignore the warning light on their dashboard, hoping the problem will just fix itself. Why do we do this? Because we are afraid of two things: a huge, unplanned expense, and a drain on our time. We’ve all been in the car repair shop when what was supposed to be a routine tune-up has turned into a two-hour event. A good mechanic will:

  • Diagnose the issue quickly
  • Keep you in the loop on how long things will take
  • Be honest about the viability of a long-term fix
  • Present you with other options

Respecting your time isn’t just a matter of getting you in and out of the shop quickly, it’s making sure you don’t have to come back a few weeks later.

100% Honest

There’s a reason why people have anxiety surrounding the purchase and repair of their cars — they don’t want to get worked over by someone who knows more than them. Drivers want to pay a fair price for fair work, they like knowing they qualify for a good deal, and they gravitate towards honesty. Your car mechanic should be all of these things and that is exactly the standard that we uphold at our Orem car repair center.

Trusted by Professionals

At Master Muffler, we want to be the final answer for everyone, including the professionals. We work hard to earn that recommendation from an organization like AAA or from responders to your roadside incident, like the police or towing company. Having confidence that you’re receiving the best work at the best price will do a lot to help make a bad day better.

If you have any car repair needs, drop by our Orem Master Muffler today.